Hoi Tung Marine Machinery Suppliers Limited(Head office)

Address: China, HONG KONG, 27/F., China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre,

Hoi Tung Marine Machinery Suppliers Limited (the Company), as formerly Hoi Tung Machineries and Suppliers Company, was founded 1972 in Hong Kong and re-registered as a HK$40 million limited company in 1981. The Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Group Ltd., has been focusing on providing import/export services of marine products as vessel/port-related machinery & parts, communication and navigation equipment & accessories, and some other materials for ship owners, shipyards, and ports in mainland china. The Company, as agent and distributor for a number of famous brands in and out of China, is one of the biggest marine product suppliers in China.

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