ALVEDOOR (Kunshan) Co Ltd

Address: China, KUNSHAN, 215 300 798, West Zhong Hua Yuan Road,Yushan Township

Bertil Hjertqvist and Rune Yman founded Alvedoor in 1975. Initially the company focused on contract manufacturing for various industries. Three years later, Alvedoor moved into its present business – designing, producing and selling doors for vessels. Nowadays the company has two sites the one in Alvesta with an annual output of app 15,000 doors, which are supplied to waiting vessels the world over. Alvedoor (Kunshan) Co Ltd that is located just outside Shanghai in China was started 2008 as a manufacturer of the doorrange of Alvedoor but do now offer components for coplete fire rated interiors as well including wall pannels, ceilings & wet units.

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