Peter Taboada, S.L.

Address: Spain, REDONDELA, 36815 Millarada 68, Vilar de Infesta

PETER TABOADA since 1980 is specialiced in the design, manufacturing and marketing with its own technology of water treatment and purification systems for the marine, industrial, pharmaceutic-hospital, and residential markets. PETER TABOADA® deals with a wide range of applications in the water treatment field, from working as a consultant for evaluation of projects up to operation and maintenance of water treatment systems. PETER TABOADA is specialiced in: -Seawater and brackish water desalination. -Seawater treatment for avoiding biological growth and corrossion. -Ultrapure water production for hemodialisis and industrial applications. -Selective separation of water contaminants -Water control, maintenance, and purification for cooling systems, boilers, etc. -Well water purific

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