Sims Pump Valve Co Inc

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In 1985, Sims manufactured the first structural composite, all Simsite®, Vertical Pit Pump and Sims won the Innovative Product Award for these pumps in 1990. In April, 1994, Sims received the honor of approval from the United States Navy for centrifugal pump internals. Simsite® was tested and qualified for centrifugal pump replacement parts and was the first composite to be certified. In 1995, Sims manufactured the largest composite pumps in the world -- two Simsite® vertical turbine pumps for Potomac Electric Power Company. They were 40 Feet long and 3 Feet in diameter. In 2003 - SIMS PUMPS are U.S. Navy Shock Qualified. Two traditions still go hand-in hand: the guarantee that stands behind each Sims product and the more than 80 years of service and experience offered by S

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