NAG Marine

Address: USA, NORFOLK, VA, 23513-2604 2511 Walmer Ave.

NAG Marine is the exclusive provider of the Ohmart/VEGA line of tank level indicators (TLI) for all shipboard measurement applications. These ABS approved instruments offer the most reliable and accurate system for shipboard liquid level or dry cargo measurement and have an excellent service record in commercial fleets around the world. NAG Marine offers the entire line of Ohmart/VEGA measurment technologies, including radar, guided microwave, ultrasonic, capacitive, and hydrostatic pressure instrumentation lines. These, as well as a full line of point switches for liquids and solids, allow NAG Marine to provide one of the most complete ranges of shipboard tank level measurement solutions.

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RWO SKIT/S-DEB TD107 - Fluorescence VEGAPULS 66 - Sounding Tube Radar