Address: Poland, GDANSK, 80-365 Czarny Dwor 8a

AMEX Service Trading (Marine) Ltd., is one of the well known companies in Poland involved in marine business. Our main activity at present is the production of equipment for offshore industry including drill rigs, winches, masts, etc. We are for years stockist and supplier of Polish made marine equipment and spare parts for seagoing vessels, with wide range of spares for H.CEGIELSKI Poznan and ZGODA Swietochlowice diesel main and auxiliary engines of Sulzer and B&W design. Also available from our stock are spare parts for different ship's equipment like cargo winches, windlasses, water pumps, purifiers, refrigerating and airconditioning equipment, oil and fuel filters, screw pumps, steering gears and electronic and electric equipment.

Contact person: Commercial department , e-mail

AL20/24, AL25/30, ATL25/30, ASL25/30, S20, RND, RTA, ZL40/48, ZV40/48, ZAL40, ZAS40