Address: Turkey, BURSA, Yeni Yalova Yolu 12. Km Alasar

Huroglu Automotive has been producing vvehicle seats in Bursa since 1972 and put his experience into service as Pulman brand. Produced passenger seats for minibus, midibus, train, subway, ships and driver and co-driver seats are used in The Middle East, Russia, Old Soviet Republics, Africa, Balkan States and Europe in addition to Turkey. Huroglu Automotive follows a customer-focused production policy since its establishment and walks for being a worldwide company by using high technology design programs in R&D Department. Huroglu Automotive has grown and become a group of companies by considering the expanding domestic market and the export potentiel. With the 5 companies in the group, Huroglu is now operating in the automotive sector as well as electronics and insurance.

Contact person: Nilufer Adiguzel , e-mail , www

Marine Class HR 540