Batt Cables

Address: Netherlands, OUD-BEIJERLAND, 3261 LD Edinsonstraat 4 Industrieterrein De Bosschen

BATT CABLES plc are a leading UK cable supplier specialising in the supply, management and distribution of electrical cables and accessories. Dedicated Industrial, Networking, Export and Oil, Gas and Petrochemical divisions continually adapt to the needs of the 'Telecommunication', 'Data-Networking', 'Oil, Gas and Petrochemical', 'Marine', 'Construction', 'Energy' and 'Manufacturing' industries. With 18 sales offices from Aberdeen to Bristol, to London, and overseas offices in Houston, Germany, Copenhagen, Belgium, Milan, Normandy, Singapore and Rotterdam. BATT CABLES plc has a huge marine cable and offshore cable product range.

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BS6883 IEC60092-353