Selma - Ship Electric Marine Automation

Address: Greece, PIREUS, 18546 Selma building, 122 Kallikratida str

SELMAR Electronics S.A. was founded in 1985. The company is based in downtown Piraeus. Its basic goal is to provide quality marine electronic equipment. The company, with a staff combining a 45 year experience in the field, is proud for its high standards of know - how, modern dynamic structures and up to date services. Having a high record of effective projects commissioned to us by major Greek and foreign companies, the companys main activities are focusing on Sales, Repairs and Inspection of marine electronic devices. For us, the primary objective is to deliver our promises to our customers. in that scope, our commitments and responsibility towards our clientele have been ensured via an ISO certification by Lloyds.

Contact person: Commercial Department , e-mail , www

McMurdo F1 Satcom INM Fleet-55