S.A. Sedni

Address: Spain, ALICANTE, 3005 C/ Sto. Domingo s/n, Edif. Alauda L/C 6

S.A. Sedni was founded in 1987 by two engineers with experience since then of more than 20 years in the maritime field.The primary objective was to meet the needs of shipowners and shipyards with equipment and systems of internationally recognized reliability in order to enhance operational safety and economy of their ships. The experience accumulated in more than 150 automation projects (ACSM) prioritized the development of a modern automation system, Loading Computer and more recently an antiheeling system. S.A. Sedni pride to offer all customers:- Diamar ® System (IACMS)-NEREIDA Load Calculator.- NEREIDA Containers.- SHEEL Antiheeling System.

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