Garioni Naval Srl

Address: Italy, CASTEL MELLA, BS, 25030 Viale dei Caduti, 3

In 1954 Giacomo Garioni participated in the development and construction in Italy of the first transportable compact fire tube boiler. Heat generation became his passion. In 1959 he built in Italy the first vertical forced circulation boiler producing steam ranging from 50 to 500 Kg/hr. In 1962 he was responsible for the first wet back fire tube boiler and in 1964 he founded the company 'Garioni Macchine Termiche'. Year by year since then Garioni Naval Garioni Naval has continued its search for innovation, with an ever-growing product range in terms of international market share as well as turnover. The company offers boilers, steam generators and heating systems and installations which are increasingly innovative and are based on an awareness of consumption.

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