Orange Hydraulics

Address: Italy, MODENA, 41041 Via Luigi Einaudi 26/a, Formigine

Orange Hydraulics is the specialist in hydraulic and mechanical components and solutions. Orange Hydraulics uses all the latest equipment for designing, developing, testing, finetuning, and qualifying its products as well as in the manufacturing process. Orange Hydraulics distributes components and systems for a wide range of applications in the industrial and marine hydraulics. orange hydraulics designs and develops custom components to meet Customer's specifications. Based on its know-how and experience gained, the company today offers a complete range of hydraulic piston pumps, fixed and variable displacement, hydraulic motors, electro-hydraulic units, micro-hydraulic components, including pumps, pump-motor units, a full range of remote controls, and custom-developed components.

Contact person: Commercial department , e-mail , www

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