Address: Greece, PIRAEUS, 18633 Schisto Industrial Park (VIPAS), Block 2, Str. 1&2

TURBOMED is well known in the international market active in the sector of Turbochargers, from 1976. The long lasting experience, the technical know- how and the well trained and certified staff provide her the competitive advantage of being able to respond at anytime with effective 24-hour service anywhere in the world. - 24 Ηours worldwide Turbocharger services. - Spare parts MAN, MITSUBISHI- MET, NAPIER, KBB, B&W, VTR and HOLSET Turbochargers. - Repair – Reconditioning of spares parts. - Turbocharger Modification – Retrofit - Dynamic Balancing of Rotating elements. - CAD /CAM – CNC - Precision Casting parts from 1gr. up to 1,000kg

Contact person: Commercial Department Christina Paraskevopoulou , e-mail , www

FOR MAN NA , MAN NR FOR VTR 160.. up to VTR 714 IHI MAN, MET , IHI , PBS , KBB , MAN, MET , IHI , PBS , KBB , VTR MET 53 SC - SD , MET 66SB