Address: Norway, AUKRA, 6480 Postboks 48

Aukra Maritime AS is supplier of innovative products for maritime operations. Our products can be adapted to different needs in marine cranes, davitsystemer and hydraulically operated gates. We have a video related products, together with technical information on the products. We are from 1 May become an importer of the HS-Marine's crane to Norway. HS-Marine has many types of cranes from 10Tm to 400Tm. Be it knekkbomkraner, stivbomkraner. All cranes are designed and built for use on board vessels of all types. We have now developed a new crane primarily for use in the ROV hangar. This crane can be run on the track at full load, and will be produced in several sizes. Using such a solution will have a very flexible mixer that can also be equipped with basketball.

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