Techni S.A.

Address: Greece, PIRAEUS, 18545 Methonis 9

Techni S.A. has entered the area of mechanical constructions in Greece since 1965. During its business life Techni S.A. as been involved in a broad spectrum of activities and projects performed in the Industrial and Marine sectors like: Design construction and installations of biological sewage treatment plants for industrial factories and large hotels; Environmental antipollution systems for the Metallurgical Industry (turn key installations), like bag houses, scrubbers etc.; Construction of special equipment for the non Ferrous Industry like rotary furnaces, crucibles, casters, Kilns, blast furnaces, lead acidbatteries equipment; Construction of Steam heat exchangers for the Greek National Electricity Company (Main supplier for more than 20 years).

Contact person: Sales Manager Andreas Lamprou , e-mail , www

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