Lo-Rez Vibration Control Ltd

Address: Canada, VANCOUVER, BC, V5Y 1N2 186 West 8th Avenue

An epidemic of torsional fatigue failures plagueing engines, gearboxes, clutches, couplings, shafting and propulsion systems in general -- along with extreme global vibration levels in ships -- stimulated the development in the early 1950s of remedial equipment (such as vibration isolators, 'soft' flexible couplings and torsional vibration dampers) and specialist analytical services. Consulting engineer Ted Spaetgens aware that diesel engines should be torsionally isolated from their driven equipment to avoid fatigue failure of the crankshaft and the equipment -- created the Lo-Rez steel-spring coupling, which retuned systems to much lower natural frequencies and effectively isolated the engine. Since its founding in 1956, Lo-Rez Vibration Control has been dedicated.

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