Azienda Chimica Genovese Srl

Address: Italy, Genova Rivarolo , 16159 Via Faliero Vezzani, 18

Azienda Chimica Genovese SRL was constituted in 1947 by Alessandro Doldi in Genoa-Italy, to produce and market a disinfectant agent: Sodium Hypoclorite. He had invented an electrolytic cell, called Doldi cell, in which brine was decomposed into chlorine gas and caustic soda, then they were mixed together to obtain Sodium Hypochlorite at high concentration. This product was sold for general disinfection. In 1953 ACG built his first direct electrochemical chlorination of water plant for La Spezia Gas & Water Municipal Company. Then several other plants were produced to be used in Aqueducts to make water drinkable (Aqueduct for Italian Navy Arsenal, Brugneto in Genoa, the most important aqueducts in Sardinia and Po Aqueduct in Turin).

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