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Safety through technology: Minimax has been one of the leading companies in fire protection for more than 100 years now. In wood processing, power stations, industrial kitchens, server rooms and ships, at wind energy converters, printing machinery, paint spraying plant - wherever there is a fire risk, Minimax is there, protecting people, machines, buildings and the environment. Thanks to the special solutions it has developed the company is a world leader in many market sectors. Intensive development work carried out in its own fire research centre ensures that the company will continue to develop trend-setting innovative solutions in the future. You can rely on fire protection from Minimax.



Address: Germany, BAD OLDESLOE, 23840 Industriestrasse 10-12

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Foam extinguisher
The foam-water mixtures Minimaxol and AFFF achieve particularly effective and almost residual-free extinguishing. They are suitable for use in fire classes A and B.
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Powder fire extinguisher
Powder is the all-rounder of extinguishing solutions. Eurotroxin and Eurotroxin S powder ensure powerful extinguishing through the formation of a powder cloud, which provides effective protection against heat during the extinguishing process
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Compact fire extinguisher
The powder compact fire extinguisher with 2kg of extinguishing solution is suitable for fire classification A, B and C, and is the only compatible solution for tackling gas fires. Frost-proof to -30ÂșC, it is also suitable for carrying in vehicles.
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Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
The extinguishing gas carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishing without any residues and even usable with sensitive technical devices is the only extinguishant that can be used in hand fire extinguishers.
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Water extinguisher
Water has been used to extinguish fires since the beginning of time, and still occupies a prominent place in fire fighting today. This highly-effective extinguishing solution is also completely harmless for humans, animals and the environment.