Eliche Radice S.p.A. CINISELLO BALSAMO, MI, Italy 
Eliche Radice S.p.A.

Eliche Radice was founded in 1919 and the company is still owned today by the Radice family. The company structure in Italy is developed over 50,000 sqm, of which 15,000 sqm is covered. The range of products which Eliche Radice is able to provide includes not only the propellers, but also the different components of the whole propulsion system starting from the gearbox coupling flange to the rudder. Traction or propulsive FPP, for manoeuvring systems, blades and hubs for CCP propellers, propeller shafts and relative brackets, seals, fixed or directional nozzles, hydro lubricated bearings and rudders. For the monoblock propellers the maximum diameter is 4 metres or 4 tons of weight, while for the propeller shafts the maximum length is 12 meters with 250 mms diameter.

2 Folding bladesCPP bladesHDK 19 ARMTASDSDSTD ruddersT5HTFTB 

Presentation: www.elicheradice.equip4ship.com

Address: Italy, CINISELLO BALSAMO, MI, 20092 Via Valtellina, 45

Contact person: Commercial Responsable Mario Vocaturo ,e-mail, website

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Folding blades propellers Send enquiry  
Folding blades propellers
2 Folding baldes propellers for Sail Drive and shaft lines
2 Folding blades
propeller for surface drive transmission Send enquiry  
propeller for surface drive transmission
Propeller specially designed for high speed vessel equipped with surface drive transmissions
Hydrolubricated bearings Send enquiry  
Hydrolubricated bearings
Rubber / bronze hydolubricated bearings for stern tubes, rudders brakets
Brakets Send enquiry  
Single arm bronze base brakets, Single arm bronze braket for GRP application
Propellers for Nozzles Send enquiry  
Propellers for Nozzles
K series 4,5,6 blades propellers for nozzles
Skwed free propellers Send enquiry  
Skwed free propellers
Bronze skwed propellers
Rudders Send enquiry  
Standard bronze and steel rudders for vessels up to 30 mt.
STD rudders
Axial seals Send enquiry  
Axial seals
Axial seal for propeller shaft diameters up to 40 mm.
Axial seal Send enquiry  
Axial seal
Axial seal for propeller shaft diameters from 45 mm to 90 mm
Sail Drive Propellers Send enquiry  
Sail Drive Propellers
3 fix blades Aluminium propellers for sail drive transmissions
Sail Drive propeller Send enquiry  
Sail Drive propeller
2 fix blades aluminium propeller for Sail Drive
Hydrofoil propeller Send enquiry  
Hydrofoil propeller
Bornze fix blades propellers for hydrofoil vessels
Nozzles Send enquiry  
Fix,steerable Kort nozzles
K 19 A
CPP Blades Send enquiry  
CPP Blades
CPP blades