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SEIM S.r.l.

SEIM, after 30 years of production, have achieved a leading position in the screw pump market world wide. Our high volume production of market leading products (more than one million screw pumps installed) including heat exchangers and relief valves (over 50.000 each) has placed us in a dominant position many different fields of application. Our wide range of Products grant capability to satisfy demand in all fields of application, whose can be summarized by application categories: ELEVATOR INDUSTRY OIL & GAS MARINE WIND POWER SEIM Products are fully developed in our Company, thank to know-how achieved during thirty years experience in manufacturing screw pumps.



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Double pump station Send enquiry  
Double pump station
Delivery flow up to 180 lt/min (up to 48 USGPM)
Admissible delivery pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi) from 1000 to 3600 giri/min
Admissible suction pressure -0,7 to 10 bar (-10 to 145 psi)
kinematics viscosity 1,2 to 5000 cSt STD
Pump Send enquiry  
Delivery flow 14 to 100 l/min (3,7 to 26,4 USGPM)
Admissible delivery pressure up to 100 bar (1450 psi) 2900 to 3500 rpm
Admissible suction pressure 0,5 to 10 bar (-7,3 to 145 psi)
kinematics viscosity 1 (min oil 4%) to 10 cSt
Twin Screw Pumps Send enquiry  
Twin Screw Pumps
L1 Model Lube oil Fuel oil Hydraulic Oil Every fluid with lubricant characteristics
Working temperature up to 100 °C
Viscosity range up to 1500 cSt
Inlet pressure up to 6 bar
Differential pressure up to 16 bar
Speed up to 3500 rpm