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Huaian Ace Star International Trading Co., Ltd

Huaian Ace Star International Trading Co., Ltd is highly specialized in the field of industrial machinery products. Our main products are marine deck machinery products and industrial large-scale hard gear boxes. Deck machinery products include all kinds of electric or hydraulic winches, windlasses, capstans and large-scale hydraulic and electric cranes. All products are approved by international classification societies like CCS, ABS, LGD, BV, etc. Industrial large-scale hard gear boxes are used for cement ball mills, rubber machinery, mine machinery, metallurgical machinery, etc. The outstanding quality products and professional service are highly praised by our domestic and overseas clients.



Address: China, Huaian, JIANGSU, 223001 Room 001, Floor 19B, North Building of Jinma Plaza

Contact person: Sales Manager Daisy Wang ,e-mail, website

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Anchor windlass winch Send enquiry  
Anchor windlass winch
Drive - Electric/ HP Hydraulic
Rated pull (1st layer) - 5 to 30 T
Configuration - Single or double
Chain size - 16mm to 160 mm
Clutch - Manually operated
Brake - Manually operated band brake
Control - Local and/or remote control
hydraulic winch Send enquiry  
hydraulic winch
Drive: -Electric/hydraulic
Configuration: - Single Drum
Rated pull: - 10 to 80 tonnes
Wire speed:- Up to 30 m/min
Control:- Local and/or remote control
Combined winch Send enquiry  
Combined winch
Configuration:- Single/double Drum
Rated pull:- 10 to 50 tonnes
Wire speed:- Up to 30 m/min
Control:- Local and/or remote control
Capstan Send enquiry  
Electric or HP hydraulic drive
Configuration: Vertically mounted
Warping head made of cast steel
Rated pull 1st. Layer: 3-20 tonnes
Maximum speed: up to 20m/min
Local and/or remote control
Mooring winch Send enquiry  
Mooring winch
Electric or hydraulic drive
Configuration; single or multi drum
With or without warping end
Polypropylen or steel wire rope
Rated pull: 8-40 tonnes
Manual or hydraulic operated clutch
Manual or hydraulic failsafe brake
Local and/or remote con
Towing winch Send enquiry  
Towing winch
Electric or hydraulic drive
Single or double drum
Fibre rope drum or steel wire rope drum
Rated pull first layer from 5 to 200 tonnes
Wire speed to suit operational requirements
Hydraulic operated clutch
Manually operated band brake
Tugger winch Send enquiry  
Tugger winch
Drive:- Electric/hydraulic
Configuration: - Single or double drum with/without warping end
Ratet pull (1 st layer): 5 to 30 tonnes
Brake holding: 1.5 times the ratet pull (static, first layer)
Wire speed:- Up to 20 m/min
Clutch: - Manually opera
Storage winch Send enquiry  
Storage winch
Drive:- Electric/hydraulic
Configuration:- Single Drum
Rated pull: - 2 to 15 tonnes
Wire speed: - Up to 30 m/min
Control: - Local and/or remote control
Hydraulic deck crane Send enquiry  
Hydraulic deck crane
Safety Working Load: 50-250KN
Max Working Radius: 10-30m
Min Working Radius: 3-8m
Hoisting Speed: 0-15m/min
Slewing Speed: 0.4-1 r/min
Luffing Time: 80-140s
Slewing angle: 270°-360°
Allowable Gradient: Tansverse: 5°/ Longitudinal: 2°
Folding-jib crane Send enquiry  
Folding-jib crane
Safety Working Load: 10-300KN
Max Working Radius: 5-30m
Min Working Radius: 1.4-7.5m
Hoisting Speed: 0-15m/min
Slewing Speed: 0.4-1 r/min
Luffing Time: 60-140s
Hoisting Height: 30-50m
Slewing angle: 360°
Twin deck crane Send enquiry  
Twin deck crane
Safety Working Load:200-800KN
Slewing Radius: 5-30m
Hoisting Speed: 300X15 KNxm/min – 600X 9.5KNxm/min (single)
580X15 KNxm/min – 1200X9.5KNxm/min(twin)
Lowering Speed: 25-60m/min
Luffing Time: 50-110s
Slewing Speed: 0.25-
Helideck landing net Send enquiry  
Helideck landing net
Size: 9m X 9m/ 12m X 12m/ 15m X 15m
Material: Sisal rope/ Nylon rope