PTR Holland B.V. Rotterdam, Netherlands 
PTR Holland B.V.

PTR Holland delivers high quality products. Therefore all of the product are tested by different companies. These tests include the pilot- and embarkation ladders, lifeboat ladders, container floors and other products. Also the company has received certificates for different kind of materials we use such as ropes, aluminium clamping sockets and our wooden, polymer and aluminium steps.

Accomodation ladder, PTR HollandAir pipe heads / air vent heads JIS5K, JIS10K, DIN PN10Anti piracy gear, PTR HollandBilly Pugh, PTR HollandBlue box suction padFire fighter, PTR HollandHelicopter netsLadders, PTR HollandMarine tapes, PTR HollandPTR Holland, Mucking winchesPTR Holland, Panting pontoonsPTR Holland, gangway netsPTR Holland, ladder WinchPTR Holland, ladders,PTR Holland, yellow magnets.Pegasus safety basketPilot ladder, Razor wire, anti piracyShip LaddersSteamkote HT pipe dressing, PTR Hollandbulwark ladderrope ladders, life raft embarkation ladder. 


Address: Netherlands, Rotterdam, 3198 LB Dintelweg 107

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General Manager Joris Stuip, e-mail
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Aluminium gangway ladder Send enquiry  
Aluminium gangway ladder
The gangways feature aluminum construction and folding handrails for stowage ease.
Gunwale clips secure the unit to the ship and rectangular punched grating provides a durable non-slip surface.
Ship Ladders
Embarkation ladder Send enquiry  
Embarkation ladder
Lifeboat and Embarkation ladder available in hardwood, polymer and aluminium. In all lenghts. Certificates of: Lloyd's register, Det Norske Veritas, EC-certificate, Polymer Pilot ladder steer wheel.
rope ladders, life raft embarkation ladder.
Pilot ladder, M.E.D. , USCG, Bureau Veritas approved Send enquiry  
Pilot ladder, M.E.D. , USCG, Bureau Veritas approved
PTR Holland is the inventor and patentholder of the aluminium clamping system, which is worldwide recognized and approved.
Pilot ladders are available in hardwood, aluminium, polymer, goliath. The ladders are M.E.D. Bureau Veritas and USCG approved
Pilot ladder,
Jacobs ladder, Monkey ladder Send enquiry  
Jacobs ladder, Monkey ladder
Jacobs / Monkey ladder available in hardwood & aluminium. Ideal for general purpose use.
PTR is the inventer and patentholder of the aluminium clamping system, which is worldwide rocognized and approved.
Ladders, PTR Holland
Bulwark ladder DNV approved Send enquiry  
Bulwark ladder DNV approved
Our bulwark ladders are made of the finest quality seawater-resistant aluminium. Special dimensions can be made on request. Complete with CLASS certificates DNV approved. Worldwide delivery.
bulwark ladder
Helicopter nets Send enquiry  
Helicopter nets
Helideck landing nets and helideck perimeter safety nets are durable and high quality products with good resistance to the aggressive marine environment.
Helicopter nets
Air pipe heads / air vent heads Send enquiry  
Air pipe heads / air vent heads
Air pipe heads and air vent heads are used for water ballast or/and oil tanks. In cast iron, aluminium and hot dip galvanized steel, always sufficient large stock available. JIS5K, JIS10K, DIN PN10, Worldwide delivery.
Air pipe heads / air vent heads JIS5K, JIS10K, DIN PN10
Razor barbed wire Send enquiry  
Razor barbed wire
Razor wire concertina hot dip galvanized,15 meters workable length 58 spirals,900 mm dia.(to meet the insurance companies'requirements for premium discounts etc, a minimum dia of 840 mm is required) cannot be breeched.
Razor wire, anti piracy
Blue Box suction pad Send enquiry  
Blue Box suction pad
Blue box suction pad, vacuum pad to secure the accomodation-ladder in place against the ships-hull.
According to the SOLAS rules. Available from stock. Worldwide delivery.
Blue box suction pad
Magnets yellow Send enquiry  
Magnets yellow
Yellow magnets for securing of pilot rope ladder against the ships-hull for saver pilot transfer. All available from stock, worldwide delivery.
PTR Holland, yellow magnets.
Ladders lightweght fiberglass NON- CONDUCTIVE Send enquiry  
Ladders lightweght fiberglass NON- CONDUCTIVE
Lightweight fiberglass NON-CONDUCTIVE ladders, worldwide approved. Worldwide delivery from stock PTR Holland.
PTR Holland, ladders,
Gangway nets Send enquiry  
Gangway nets
Gangway nets in various sizes available from stock. Can be made to desired specifications.
Worldwide delivery.
PTR Holland, gangway nets
Painting pontoons Send enquiry  
Painting pontoons
Impa 232561 Painting Pontoon Inflatable
1200 x 2400 x 540mm
Impa 232562 Painting Pontoon Inflatable
1500 x 3000 x 600mm
Worldwide delivery from stock.
PTR Holland, Panting pontoons
Mucking Winches Send enquiry  
Mucking Winches
Pneumatic driven mucking winch specially designed for hold/tank cleaning purposes. Pipe frame pole and suspension available with wheels. Worldwide delivery from stock.
Capacity IMPA 590604 150KG
IMPA 590605 200KG
PTR Holland, Mucking winches
Ladder Winch Send enquiry  
Ladder Winch
Winch for ladders. PTR Holland delivers worldwide from stock.
PTR Holland, ladder Winch
Accomodation ladder Send enquiry  
Accomodation ladder
Aluminium accomodation ladder
External folding stairway for access from ashore or from tender alongside.
World wide delivery.
Accomodation ladder, PTR Holland
Personel oil transfer basket Send enquiry  
Personel oil transfer basket
Main lifting rig. Main hoist wire 2 ropes galvanised heavy duty 2 tonnes SWL. Anti-Twist stabiliser unit with high visibility cover. Basket head ring.Padded spreader ring (Galvanised) 3'0' dia. With fitted nylon cover. World wide delivery.
Billy Pugh, PTR Holland
Exowrap tape Send enquiry  
Exowrap tape
ExoWrap Tape
For use on bent and flanged pipes in areas where maintenance is not a consideration and/or space is limited. ExoWrap has a pressure sensitive adhesive on the inner side for ease of installation.
World wide delivery!!

Marine tapes, PTR Holland
Steamkote HT pipe dressing Send enquiry  
Steamkote HT pipe dressing
SteamKote HT Pipe Dressing is a high temperature coating formulated to protect against corrosion on steam pipes, valves and deck equipment.It forms a flexible 'skin' when cured that will not crack, peel or harden even under harsh marine conditions.
Steamkote HT pipe dressing, PTR Holland
Anti piracy gear. Send enquiry  
Anti piracy gear.
Protect your ships and crew against piracy, @ PTR Holland we offer a wide range of those products, for example: Bullet proof body and head protection, bullet proof visors, electric fencing, water cannons. Fast delivery worldwide!!
Anti piracy gear, PTR Holland
Safety basket Send enquiry  
Safety basket
The perfect choice for safe personal transfer, within the Marine industry. The key facts: Seat belts like used in aviator for rapid exit, persons protection against collision, heavy landing protection due to high impact cushion. Worldwide delivery!!
Pegasus safety basket
Fire Fighter Send enquiry  
Fire Fighter
The right prevention for your security. Advantages: fireproof technology, used in space, practical, light, easy to use, always ready to use, no need of recharge or maintenance, product without expiration date, it works active for more than 100sec.
Fire fighter, PTR Holland