There are three main ways ways in which you can search our database to find the products:
  • 1. SEARCH BY CATEGORIES - EQUIP4SHIP's category tree contains about 1500 positions organized in a hierachical structure. You can search for a category that fits your requirements to see the products stored there. As a search result you will see those parts of the three that fit your search. You cac use AND / OR options to narrow or expand the number of results:
    - Ticking the AND option narrows your search and gives a smaller number of results.
    - Ticking the OR option widens your search and gives a larger number of results.

  • 2. SEARCH BY KEYWORDS - productcs added by manufacturers can contain very specific details not included in the category name like TYPE, BRAND, DESCRIPTION etc. Searching by KEYWORDS together with ticking the AND / OR option gives you more flexibility you can search by product name or type adding with the name of a country to find equipment suppliers from specific country:

  • 3. BROWSE THE CATEGORY TREE - you can manualy browse category tree byexpanding particular sub-categories.

    1. click the singn to expand or hide subcategories.
    2. click the category name to see the product list.